Munich Adventure Open Water Swim Starnberg Crossing

Starnberg Crossing Open Water Swim

We swim the classic Possenhofen to Leoni open water crossing of Lake Starnberg just south of Munich, exactly as in the popular “Starnberg Crossing” competition event. The distance is 2 km, and you have the option to return by ferry or to double down and swim back. A kayak will accompany the swimmers.


Price: €38

We meet the 8:49 southbound S-Bahn at Possenhofen station, or you can park your car here for free. We walk 15 minutes to the start for dry land stretching and warm up. There will be a vehicle there in which you can lock your possessions while we’re in the water, but it will only be unlocked when your guide returns, so keep a towel and dry clothes handy.
We assume swimmers can complete the one-way distance of 2000 meters straight-line (always longer in open water) in under 60 minutes. This makes it a fun and interesting outdoor activity near Munich – an open water swim across the lake for recreational swimmers with a support crew on hand, but also a good workout if you are training for the Starnberg Crossing or a triathlon. If you are a triathlete or competition swimmer, or just to prove yourself, you can swim the 2,000 meters back to the start. Otherwise, you can wait for the first ferry at 10:57 for the 10 minute boat return to Possenhofen.

We will provide hot drinks, water, and bananas on both shores for visitors to Munich. The role of the kayak is to carry dry stuff and refreshments to the opposite shore, to show you the landing spot and the ferry jetty, and to help stragglers. The start time is 9:45, which is early enough such that we are out of the water before the ferries start operating, but late enough that we can return on the first ferry if desired. This means that there is a swim time-window, which in turn means that we must implement a cutoff time, whereby we will not allow you to swim back, or we may even pull you into the kayak and paddle you to shore.

Despite our timing and the presence of our kayak, please be very conscious of boats on the water. Get your guide to carry a small bag of yours with towels and dry clothes in the kayak for ferry returners. The water temperature does not usually require a neoprene wetsuit, but you may want to wear one to avoid hypothermia due to the lengthy exposure, to simulate race conditions, or just for the performance improvement of the buoyancy.

When everybody is safely back on shore, dry, warm, and refreshed, we will end our outdoor adventure near Munich with a walk back to the S-Bahn that runs every 20 minutes.

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