We leave downtown Munich at 9:00 for a 30-minute drive to the FC Bayern Munich headquarters and practice grounds. This allows us enough time to secure a place for practice at 10:00 (first come, first served, no reservations). Your guide will head toward the Fan Zone around 11:00, and to the beer garden onsite at around noon for lunch. You can, of course, follow a different time schedule. If practice starts at 11:00, we will reverse the order. Either way, we will all leave at 13:00 for the return trip to Munich. Please note that entrance into the FCB training complex itself is free, so the tour price is just for us to take care of all the planning and logistics and to drive you there and back so that you can relax and enjoy the day.

FC Bayern Munich Practise 08:00-12:00
FC Bayern Munich Practise, add Allianz Arena visit 13:00-16:00