Munich Experience Outdoor float down River Isar Adventure

Float down the River Isar to Munich

We meet early and travel to the launch point upriver. After inflating our dinghies, we float downstream until we reach the endpoint, where we will be met by our vehicle. We will stop for a delicious lunch at a traditional riverside restaurant. Fresh trout!


Price: €86

Floating down the river Isar in an inflatable dinghy or kayak from Wolfratshausen to Munich Thalkirchen is a Munich rite of passage. You must do it! After you get your guide at a convenient pickup in Munich, we travel to the start on the Loisach just before the confluence with the Isar, pump up the boats, and depart downriver. Our group will be accompanied by a kayak who will pull over on the river bank from time to time, land on mid-river islands, and guide you away from the canal and through the weirs and other features of the river.

Around midday, we will land the rubber boats on a bank of the Isar, and enjoy lunch at a riverside restaurant. Shortly afterward, we will approach the St. George Rock, where the brave can climb the Georgenstein and jump into the cold and swirling water below.

Bring snacks and drinks and plenty of water, and perhaps a few beers if you like. We will take breaks on pebble banks or islands in the river. It is exhilarating to jump into the water, which is very cold because it rises in the Karwendel range in the nearby Alps, but is swelled by snowmelt! Wear a swimsuit, but have warm gear with you for after you have dried off. A hat, sunblock and plenty of water is essential! Ideal for visitors or those new to Munich, those looking for a group to join, and for anybody who just wants to have a fun day out and make new friends.

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