Alpine Walks and Hikes

Day return, or overnight in a serviced hut. All levels, from flat, kid-friendly and handicapped-accessible, to as long or steep as you prefer, and always including a sumptuous traditional mountain lunch at a serviced hut.


Price: €74

This guided walk from Munich into the Bavarian pre-Alps can be day return, or overnight in a serviced hut. We welcome all visitors to Munich for this exhilarating activity, catering for all levels, from flat, kid-friendly and handicap-accessible, to as long or steep as you prefer. A major attraction of your visit to Munich is a sumptuous traditional mountain lunch at a serviced hut. Set aside your sightseeing Munich for a day, get your guide, and go outside and play!

We depart for our adventure from Munich around 7am and drive an hour or so into the breathtaking Bavarian pre-Alps scenery. We park at the trailhead and walk or hike for a few hours. At a rustic mountain hut, we will purchase a served hot lunch, before heading back down via a different route to our vehicle to complete a round-trip, circular route. We return from our experience to Munich around 6pm, depending on destination and traffic.

Don’t worry for a moment longer what to do in Munich, just get your mountain on and come with us on an overnight tour, with accommodation in a rustic mountain hut providing sumptuous hot meals, soft and alcoholic drinks, and simple sleeping arrangements. This is a unique experience in the Alpine mountain region near Munich!

Things to do in Munich includes walking or hiking routes for all interests. We can go quite short and relatively flat, with more time for family and friends, photos and food. Or, we can go further and faster, and as steep as you like. Kid-friendly and handicapped routes are also available.

Remember on these activities beloved by the visitor in Munich that there is no bad weather, only bad equipment. You will be advised on what footwear and other hiking or walking gear you need for your level of tour, but you will always need sun protection, good footwear, a hat, a sweater, and a rain coat.

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